Videographer  Editor  Colourist

Yeahmedia is a UK-based video production company, who create video material for use online and in social media.

Understanding your project is our first step to delivering a successful result, that both engages your audience and delivers your message, while keeping your brand values.

We call in the correct team for each job, using our contacts to deliver the results you're looking for from a team you can trust. From the very best licensed and insured aerial crews, to genius sound recordists and renowned precision drivers, we will only work with the best.

Our in-house core skills are videography, sound recording, video editing, colour grading, story-boarding, vfx and directing. We also advise on script writing where required.


We realise the benefits of being a small and nimble crew, which means we can maximise the available time we have without limiting creativity or efficiency, while also keeping to a sensible budget.

We are super-passionate about the films we make; big or small.

Yeahmedia was founded in 2013 by Matt Jennings, who has worked in motoring, media and motor sport for 24 years.